How long has Keith Brandt been a real estate agent?
15 plus years… and he is among the top 2% of all Realtors in South-Eastern Michigan. This success has brought him great experience that allows him to provide a greater service to his customers. To date, 90% of Brandt Real Estate’s business is referred by past clients.
Are the realtors at Brandt Real Estate full-time or part-time?
Full Time. We do what is necessary to make ourselves available to our customers 7 days a week from 7:30 am to 10:00 pm. We understand that our business cannot operate and be successful by not accommodating our customers’ work schedules. We do what is necessary to be available to show properties, meet in person, talk by phone, text, email, and accessible through other social media means of communication.
When shopping for property, would it be you, Keith Brandt, that we would be working with or a team member?
You would work with me. A lot of my success has to do with my customers talk and work with me directly. I view properties, analyze their potential, write offers, negotiate, attend inspections, attend closings… all for my customers to know that I am there for them and their best interests from start to finish (and beyond, many of my customers rely on me for advice after the sale and I welcome the opportunity to assist further).
How many buyers are you working with currently?
We have buyers at various stages of the process (exploring listings through our proprietary MLS portal, viewing properties in person, property inspection, working towards closing, and post-closing consultation). The “viewing” buyers take much more time and for these, we are actively working with anywhere from 7 to 20 at a time. We have several buyers at the other stages of the process. The systems and processes that Brandt Real Estate have in place allow us to be efficient and effective, without compromising the quality of service that our customers receive (hence the high percentage of business referred, 90% plus). We also have a team of realtors that work with each other to help accommodate each buyer’s schedule.
How available are you to show houses when ones come up?
ASAP. We make our schedules available and know we need to put showings as the priority… especially in a market where homes can go quickly. In the perfect world, the Realtor you are working with is activity showing you properties every time. For those times (though rare) that your realtor is not available, our broker and team of realtors work with each other to help with showings.
Do you have experience with my area?
You will not find a group of realtors with more experience in a wide range of areas. Many realtors focus on an area and even a sub in an area. When it comes to finding a property in Southeastern Michigan, we have a vast knowledge of many areas as related to homes, land, subdivisions, HOAs, the pros, the cons, etc. You may find our level of knowledge a bit overwhelming.
Do Brandt Real Estate realtors go to the property inspections?
Yes, and more importantly Brandt Real Estate works with a group of inspectors that have a proven track record for thoroughness, reporting, and overall knowledge. When you work with a Brandt Real Estate preferred Home Inspector, you end up with a report that is representative of getting an Owner’s Manual for your future home.
Do you require the pre-approval before showing houses?

It is not required but strongly recommended. It is to the buyer’s benefit. It seems to never fail, a buyer finds a home they like on a Saturday afternoon and they want to place an offer on the property. It is normal for a Listing Agent and or seller to want to know a buyer’s qualifications before negotiating and/or accepting an offer. And, the best way to do this is to provide a preapproval. It’s in the buyer’s best interest to have a basic understanding of what they can afford and the type of mortgage that best fits them. Because of this, Brandt Real Estate works with the best lenders and we encourage our buyers to at least make an initial call to get a better understanding of their borrowing options.

Do you need a reliable lender? Contact us for a lender that best fits your need. Whether loans for residential, land, new construction, farm, commercial, etc, we have a lender to meet every need.

What is the average number of homes you show buyers?

Today’s market has a limited inventory, so our typical buyer will look at 4 to 20 houses. In the distant past, it was common for a buyer to look at 40 to 70 houses. Regardless of the number of houses a buyer chooses to see, all of our buyers are highly confident and very comfortable in their buying decision. This is made possible by taking the time to educate and inform our buyers through our low-pressure approach viewing process.

What price range for homes does Brandt Real Estate work within?

$19,000 to $4,790,000 based on customers over the last two years. Looking at our 15 plus year history, our average property sale is at $287,000. While we cover a wide price range, it really depends on our customers and what they are looking to accomplish. We have helped home buyers purchase a $400,000 then turn around and help the same buyer purchase a $900,000 commercial building. And, we have helped people buy/sell multi-million dollar homes, that also end up purchasing investment properties for $50,000 and less. We pride ourselves on being well rounded and having the willingness and ability to assist our customers for all their real estate needs. Our business model is relationship based.


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